Road Warrior

SRP : $3,299

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The all new Daymak Road Warrior is the perfect sport electric scooter that is an absolute must have. With a frame and size slightly bigger than the EM1 and the same amount of power as the EM2 you get the best of both worlds. Its stylish LED headlights are reminiscent of something from a sci-fi movie and it comes with some cool new features to boot. The Road Warrior has a built in MP3 player and hands-free calling so you can answer your phone calls or switch songs all right at your fingertips. Another cool feature, the Road Warrior comes with  light up exhaust pipes that emulate a motorcycle in case you want to be seen AND heard. It also comes with an MP4 playback display screen so you can even watch videos while you’re relaxing or charging your bike! Get the Road Warrior from Daymak now and don’t just hear why everyone is raving about this bike, experience it!



Hands Free Bluetooth / MP3

Easily connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and play music answer phone calls all right at your hand. Switch songs, increase the volume quickly and easily with your left hand so you can focus wrenching the throttle with the right!


MP4 Display

If you got some time to kill, upload a video on to a USB stick plug in a video with your and watch it on the display! Just make sure you’re not riding while it’s playing…stay focused on the road!


Light-Up Exhaust Pipe

If you want to make sure you are heard, you can turn on the built-in exhaust pipes that light up, and make engine noises when you engage the throttle. Don’t worry no emissions are coming out of these guys!



Road Warrior

SRP $3,299

Road Warrior

SRP $3,299

Road Warrior

SRP $3,299



  • Electrical

    Motor 500W
    Battery 72V 30AH Lead Acid
    Battery Life 300-400 cycles
    Removable battery Removable only to replace
    Charger 72V 2.5A 110V
    Charge time 8 - 10 hours
    Lights LED
  • Dimensions & Weight

    Max load 182 kg or 400 lbs
    Net weight 114 kg or 250 lbs
    Dimensions Assembled 67"x32"x40"
    Seat Height 29"
    Seat Width 8"
    Seat Length 25”
    In Box Weight 136 kg or 300 lbs
  • Additional Information

    Range up to 60 km
    Top Speed 32 km/h
    Climbing incline 25 degrees
    Tire size 120/70-12
    Gauges Digital and Analog / Battery level / Speedometer / Odometer
    Brakes Hydraulic Disc Brakes
    Key ignition Key Ignition / Remote Start
    Shocks Front/5" of Travel - Rear/coil
    Controller Bluetooth


* Travel range is based on riding on level ground, no stops, no winds, warm temperatures for a 175lb rider with no extra cargo.

**All images and specifications on site may not reflect the most current version of the product


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