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SRP : $299

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The Photon is a one of kind electric kick scooter that has a ton of features! This fully electric kick scooter isn’t just your run of them mill e-scooter. The Daymak Photon features a solar panel base that trickle charges your bike while it’s in the sun! It also features wireless Bluetooth connectivity to play your favorite songs while you ride! Charge your phone with the USB port, set the alarm to prevent theft, easily fold it take it with you wherever you go this scooter has it all!  Enjoy hours of fun with this amazing electric scooter the Daymak Photon.

Solar Panel

The Photon features a tempered glass solar panel base that trickle charges while you’re out in the sun! Don’t worry about standing on it, this glass is able to hold up to 150 lbs of weight on it. Get up to 1 km of range for each hour of sunlight.


With these dual speakers, you can connect wirelessly to your smart phone to play all of your favorite songs. Compatible with Android and iOS, simply connect the Bluetooth dongle and play! A scooter that doubles as a boombox…awesome!

Alarm System

Set your mind at ease and keep your Photon safe with this electronic alarm system. Simply set the alarm when you’re done using it and if anyone moves it, the alarm will sound! Great to protect it from theft or your nosey brothers and sisters.



SRP $299



SRP $299




  • Electrical

    Motor 100W
    Battery 24V 4.5AH Lead Acid
    Battery Life 300-400 cycles
    Removable battery Removable only to replace
    Charger input 110V-240V
    Charge time 4 - 6 hours
    Lights N/A
  • Dimensions & Weight

    Max load 40 kg
    Net weight 37 lbs
    Dimensions Assembled 29" x 10" x 12"
    In Box Weight 45 lbs
  • Additional Information

    Range 10 km
    Top Speed 12 km/h
    Climbing incline 10 degrees
    Brakes V Brakes
    Key ignition No
    Extras Bluetooth MP3 / Solar Panel Charging / Foldable / Alarm System


* Travel range is based on riding on level ground, no stops, no winds, warm temperatures for a 175lb rider with no extra cargo.


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