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The Boomerbuggy Story

The original 3-Wheeled electric scooters were imported to Canada in 1998 by John McCleary from Orangeville, ON.


They were marketed as "Electric Fun Vehicles" for recreational use and soon became attractive to seniors who wanted mobility assitance. It was so attractive to seniors that it was named the "Boomerbuggy."


The early models lacked sufficient torque and range so John had the Chinese controller re-engineered in Canada to greatly enchance the riding experience.


John was coping with Multiple Sclerosis during this development period and had a very compelling desire to make the "Boomerbuggy" a very dependable mobility assist-vehicle for the disable as well as a fun recreational vehicle.


John McCleary died from Multiple Sclerosis in April 2003. His company was acquired by Daymak Inc. The all important controller has been re-engineered as the proprietary "Daymak Drive" that is the heart of the 2011 "Boomerbugy."


Yeg Baiocchi & Aldo Baiocchi founders of Daymak Inc. will always be grateful to the efforts made by John McCleary & his family and thank them sincerely for all they brought to Daymak Inc. John McCleary's successful technology development of Boomerbuggy I has been incorporated into the features of the Daymak Drive.



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