BMW i8

Drive in style with the BMW i8 for kids. Features build speakers with music channels, MP3 connection to your play your tunes. Real sound of engine and horn and headlights that make a truly satisfying and genuine experience. The interior of the BMW i8 is safe to ride for your kids ages 2 and above. and approved by BMW . Features a remote control allows to parents to have fun or control the action until their child can ride on his/her own skills. Your child will enjoy every minute of driving the car safely and securely.




  • 2.5-5 kph reverse and forward 
  • A functional headlight together with the realistic sound of engine and honk that will truly give your kids a unique experience.
  • The interior dashboard is packed with the latest innovation in kid’s cars, which include a battery indicator and Mp3 connections.
  • Forward/Reverse with remote control
  • Lighting effects
  • Perfect for ages 2 and above
  • Perfect wheel replica.  
  • Remote control (batteries required)
  • 80 lbs weight power
  • 12 V battery
  • 12V UL charger
  • Speakers with MP3 connection
  • Provided 1.5-2 hours of continuos fun
Buy the BMW i8 for $549 + Shipping + Pre-Delivery-Inspection (dealer price may vary).