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When will the first 'Shadow Ebike' be available for sale?
Presently, Daymak Inc. is taking sale orders for April 30th, 2011 deliveries. We are in the process of establishing a global distribution network.

How much will the 'Shadow Ebike' cost?
Please contact your local dealer.

Will there be other variants or models?
Daymak Inc. has already started adding new features and patent pending proprietary technologies to help enhance the rider experience.

What is the range (distance) of the Shadow Ebike?
It is largely dependent on the profile of the user. The average range is 20-25km with just motor power and about 35-40km with pedal-assist.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?
Complete recharging of the battery takes approximately 4 - 6 hours.

How many times can one recharge the battery?
Between 750 - 800 cycles.

How do the brakes work?
The front brake uses regenerative braking. When motor is moving forward, the control system sends electric current into the three motor phases to maximize torque. When the brakes are applied from the wireless throttle, regenerative braking is applied, the control system again maximizes torque, but this time as negative torque, which causes the motor to slow down, while at the same time sending current back into the batteries. The rear brakes are perry coaster brakes which works when the pedals are shifted into reverse.

Will I have interference problems?
The wireless controller uses the 2.4GHZ band which is a wide , strong anti-interference, real-time data transmission rate communication band to ensure safety to all users. Most wireless phone uses this band and there are no to minimal problems with interference. Each Shadow ebike wireless component is paired. The odds of being affected by other means is less than 1 in a billion.

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