Designed, Developed and Assembled in Canada

'DAYMAK Inc. releases its SHADOW EBIKE, the world's first power-assist wireless electric bicycle for Spring 2011'

Daymak Inc. recently unveiled the Shadow Ebike, showcasing its new wireless technologies, strengthening its company commitment to become the leader of innovative electric bicycles worldwide. The Shadow Ebike reveals Daymak's designs, proprietary technologies, ride quality and improved aesthetics. Daymak Inc. is one of the few Canadian companies making quality, affordable priced, power-assist electric bicycles.


Bicycles have been around for centuries. Today it is still the number one means of transportation around the world and will be the same for the future. Daymak Inc. believes that building upon this proven foundation of human necessity with technology and innovation, it can become one of the leaders in the power-assist electric bicycle industry within the next few years.

In 2008, Daymak Inc. took giant steps by designing and developing their own bicycle controller called 'DAYMAK DRIVE."

In 2010, they pushed the bar even higher by designing and developing an innovative technology driven bicycle, the 'SHADOWEBIKE,' world's first wireless power-assist electric bicycle.

Daymak Inc. is focusing 100% of its attention on technology, designing and building the most innovative and technologically advanced electric bicycle in the world. Whether consumers 'ride to live,' or 'live to ride,' they will experience a cycling experience unlike any other on the Shadow Ebike.

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