Daymak Inc. is a designer, developer and manufacturer of power-assist electric bicycles based in Toronto, Canada. Presently, Daymak Inc. has two proprietary products, the 'Shadow Ebike' (the world's first wireless power-assist electric bicycle) and the 'Daymak Drive' controller. The company is a consumer-oriented and environmentally friendly transportation provider, committed to developing next-generation power-assist electric bikes, scooters and proprietary technologies.

Yeg Baiocchi is a visionary entrepreneur who foresaw the need for electric bicycles and scooters in 2001 for the Canadian market. In 2007, she was nominated in the Top 100 Women Entrepreneur according to 'Profit' magazine. In 2008, Daymak Inc. was in the Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies in Canada. In 2010, Daymak won the prestigious award for Top Green Companies in Canada by Cleantech North.

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