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All scooter ebikes come with 12 Options!
  1. NEW! Solar Panel!
    Now you'll never have to charge again! Just ride your ebike during the day and let the sun do all the work for you!
  2. NEW! Carrier Cases
    Need that extra space to carry your bag? How about groceries! Get a carrier case today and save some space!
  3. Daymak Drive Controller
    Designed and developed to help fully utilize an ebike's capabilities, find out more by clicking here.
  4. Phone Holder
    Never miss a phone call or text during your ride again; the phone holder allows your phone to be visible at all times.
  5. MP3/Radio Speaker Side Mirrors
    Now you can listen to your favourite tunes or radio station on the fly!
  6. 12v Plug
    Attach a GPS, phone charger, or any other small appliance to your bike.
  7. USB Charging Station
    Use it in combination with your phone holder and charge while you drive! Charge any USB appliance at any time.
  8. Daymak Ebike Plates
    Let the world know you're green; the plate will inform the public that you a driving an electric bicycle.
  9. Rider Rain Cover
    Protect yourself from the rain (whether sudden or consistent). The rain cover is small, foldable and easily storable.
  10. Tool Kit
    Repair your tubes on the road at any time with this compact multi-use tool kit. Comes with a pump.
  11. Rim Lights
    Increase your visibility on the road with this nifty rim light.
  12. Thorn Proof Tires
    Our solution to riding on the road; thorn proof tires decrease your chances of getting flats!
For more information call 1-800-649-9320. To order a product please visit a dealer near you. Click here to find a dealer. Daymak Inc. All rights reserved.