Re. Notice of Defect (ID:  20120109)


Daymak Inc.,  the  importer of record for LSM Niagara 49cc scooter, hereby issues the Notice of Defect for the follow affected vehicles:


Model: 20010 Niagara

Class:  LSM  (engine displacement: 49.9 cc)

Engine family name: CA122C.049LJA

VIN: from L4HGTBBPXA6000001 to L4HGTBBP6A6000203

Total Number of vehicle affected: 203


DEFECT: We have become aware that some of the emission control system of our 2010 model year scooter Niagara could cause the scooters emit more emission than the standard limits set out in Section 17 of the Regulations .


REMEDY: We will replace the carburetor, exhaust pipe and muffler with new emission control system. A new maintenance schedule is to be handout to owners at the time of repair.


All 2010 Model Year Niagara scooters will be called in and the appropriate emission control system will be installed.  This correction is at no cost to customers. Niagara owners’ contact information is obtained from CCMTA database as well as Daymak warranty registration database.  A copy of the letter to customer will be sent out on Jan.18_, 2012. A public notice is to be sent out through multiple media starting from _Jan.18,2012  


We estimate the time required to replace affected parts is about  one hours per vehicle. All customers are encouraged to contact Daymak and its dealers. We apologize for this inconvenience,


Please contact us at 416.749.2324 for any questions or book an appointment.