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Daymak is the developer of the Daymak Drive System "DDS". The Daymak Drive System is a self-charging system comprising of a wireless controller, lithium batteries, solar panels, throttle and torque sensor for PLEVs. The system can be turned on by key or through a computer application via a smart phone.


Daymak believes that the DDS will become a leader in the Light Electric Vehicle market as it can be used in a variety of products including electric bicycles, mobility scooters, wheel chairs, dirt bikes and scooters.  To find out more please see the video below or fill the form thereafter.


"Electric bicycles and Light Electric Vehicle market is to reach a USD $210 billion market by 2021." - IDTechEx


Daymak is looking for accredited investors to participate in potential private placement. To find out more information please fill the form below.



Minimum investment required is $150,000. To find out more please fill out the form below:



For more information call 1-800-649-9320. To order a product please visit a dealer near you. Click here to find a dealer. Daymak Inc. All rights reserved.