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Invest in Daymak

For over 15 years Daymak has been quickly rising to become the leader in development, design and innovative technologies in electric modes of transportation. From an idea to a reality Aldo Baiocchi took what was once a small business from inside his garage and grew it to one of the leading electric vehicle companies in Canada. With a family first business approach, Daymak has quickly grown to have over 100 dealers in North America alone. With their unique solar powered products like the Beast and Boomerbeast, Daymak is popularizing environmentally friendly transport around the world. With an ultimate goal in reducing carbon footprint and a community driven strategy Daymak is working towards becoming the A to Z distribution channel of electric vehicles across the globe.

Company Description


Daymak has a product line of over 50 unique electric vehicles varying in price, style and performance to fit the needs of the end user. Daymak offers shipping across the globe and currently provides local sales and service in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). All of Daymak’s products are powered electronically using no gas, making for a cleaner environment. The five main categories Daymak specializes in are, scooters, ebikes (pedelecs), mobility scooters, all-terrain vehicles (atvs) and e-toys.


Daymak’s target market is directed at people looking for a cleaner and cost effective form of transportation for short commutes. The average cost to charge an electric vehicle in Ontario is estimated at 20 cents and provides a range of over 50 km. By giving consumers the option of a very accessible, economic solution to travel that is good for the environment, we believe we have a target market we’ve only begun to scratch.

Revenue Model

Daymak intends to become the A to Z distribution channel for ebikes. By becoming a one entity solution, and utilizing economies of scale, we will be able to reduce the cost to the end user, which will inevitably bolster sales and fuel the service required behind them. By opening brick and mortar locations across the globe, we will be able to offer more local presence giving consumers an opportunity to try before they buy.


Invest $500 you get a Custom Desktop Chopper (small model recycled Beast) + $50 Coupon towards any ebike
Invest $1000 you get a Custom Desktop Chopper + $150 Coupon towards any ebike
Invest $2500 you get a Custom Desktop Chopper + $500 coupon towards any bike
Invest $10,000 you get Custom Desktop Chopper + 1 BEAST basic
Invest $20,000 you get Custom Desktop Chopper + 1 BEAST DELUXE OR EC1 PRO
Invest $50,000 you get Custom Desktop Chopper + EM1 LR

Exit Strategy

Daymak plans to grow dramatically and will be reinvesting its operating cash flow in to the continued growth of the company. Once operations have reached an optimal level, management will consider the best exit strategy for its shareholders. This may include a strategic merger or acquisition, or an initial public offering.

Investment Highlights

Capital raised in previous rounds: $2,014,944.00
Current Target raise: $150,000
Maximum current raise: $1,500,000
Minimum current raise: $150,000
Pre-money valuation: $6,790,215.60
Equity offered (target raise): 1%
Equity offered (maximum raise): 8%
Offering (unit) type: Common Shares with Voting Trust Agreement
Price per unit: $1.25


When will I be able to trade my shares?

As a private company, there are no guarantees that the shares can be traded. If, however, Daymak becomes a reporting issuer (listed on a stock exchange for publicly traded companies), an investor could trade the securities after the date that is 4 months + 1 day after becoming a public company.

As a shareholder what am I entitled to?

As a shareholder you will receive annual statements, right to attend annual shareholder meeting and have your say. You will be a part owner. Voting rights are being transferred to a trustee for small investors.

Is the company trying to raise 150K or 1.5 million?

Daymak is trying to raise $1.5 million. The investment will close at 150k minimum. All funds will be returned if the minimum of $150k is not reached.

How long does it take to charge your products regularly / by solar power?

Depending on the unit that you have regular charging times can be anywhere from 3 – 8 hours. It is estimated based on a typical Canadian day that you receive one kilometer per hour of sunlight.

It seems that your products are limited in speed. Why is that? Can they go faster?

One of the perks of going with ebikes and electric scooters is that they are road legal without insurance licensing or registration. To be classified as a road worthy vehicle, the unit must travel under 32 km/h (20 mph). These bikes can be configured to go faster however additional licensing and registration would be required.

What is the estimated savings from switching from a car to an ebike?

For a person who is commuting approximately 5000 km a year, they are expected to spend $20.00 in electricity. The same distance done in a 2017 Honda Civic in the city is estimated at about $1200 in gas alone. With insurance and registration you stand to save upwards of $2000.00 a year.

For additional information call Jason Roy at 416-658-3993 ext 1103

For more information call 1-800-649-9320. To order a product please visit a dealer near you. Click here to find a dealer. Daymak Inc. All rights reserved.