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Deadline: June 30th - Frontfundr campaign for Daymak 2017:

Pledged Amount: $290,056.25 to date.

In Escrow Received Amount $94,780.00 to date.

Why Invest in Daymak?

Invest now and pay pre-ipo prices of $1.25 a share. Our goal is to go public in 2020 at a much higher valuation i.e. $10 a share. This is not a guarantee but this is how sharks and venture capitalist invest. The buy early stage is now, and sell when you think the time is right. This is the opportunity for everyone (the crowd) to take advantage and be a pro! Welcome to Crowdfunding. We are a Green Company that is profitable and hardworking! We want to maximize every dollar raised so that every shareholder will be compensated with a maximum return on investment (ROI).We expect to take advantage of the explosive growth of up to 2000% in the LEV industry over the next few years. The market for Light Electric Vehicles (ebikes, mobility, scooters, atv's and all other small electric vehicles under 500 lbs) is expected to grow up to $221 Billion Dollars by 2023. In the next 3 years if we execute our plan and that we are correct in our projections, we can achieve tremendous results and become a leader in the light electric vehicle market.

Who can invest in the Daymak’s Private Placement?

This Private Placement investment is open to all individuals who are non-accredited or accredited investors, employees, friends and family the equal opportunity to invest into Daymak. If we happen not to meet our financing objectives it will not deter us, but only just slow us down and take a bit longer time. This financing will help Daymak achieve our goals more rapidly as to continue on our strategic growth plan.

When will I get a return?

Our plan is to close this round of financing by the deadline of June 30th, 2017, with our next step of securing a $5-million loan in the form of a non-dilutive debt financing. Daymak’s current plan for a liquidity event would be through an initial public offering (IPO) by July 2020 or a direct sale of the company and through an acquisition or merge.

Why would someone acquire you?

We would be the first fully integrated (LEV) light electric vehicle company with a retail presence across Canada and soon entering the USA that offers Sales, Parts and Service at our current locations. For example a European or Asian company who is seeking to expand into the North America market must have a proper distribution and logistics channels already set up. Think of an international company looking for new areas for growth that are fresh, exciting and sustainable moving forward? DAYMAK

What is the plan?

Daymak’s strategy is to open 1000 retail stores worldwide by the end of 2022, with our retail stores bring on average $1-million per year in sales will equate to $1-billion in gross revenue with 60% margin.

How many stores do we have now?

Currently we have 4 (Come down and check us out...test ride and e-bike and buy something! (It's fun! It’s clean and it's green!)

How many stores expected by end of 2017?

We expect to open 7 new retail stores with cross Canada wide coverage. Even if you don't invest today, please come visit one of our locations and test ride and e-bike!!! Then one day you can say. Oh no!!! What an opportunity wasted!!! I had a chance to invest once upon a time ago....damn it!! Should have done something when I had the chance!!! Or do the right thing today and become a Daymak private shareholder before the June 30th, 2017 deadline!!!

This sounds great, but who really buys this stuff???

Everyone from all ages between 2 to 92+!!! Please come and check out Daymak on the The Shopping Channel on June 2nd for an all-day live program special. Our goal that day is to sell over $1 million of Daymak product (LEV’s) light electric vehicles in one day!!! This would be a record!!! No one has ever done this before and most definitely not in North America.

Company Description


Daymak has a product line of over 50 unique electric vehicles varying in price, style and performance to fit the needs of the end user. Daymak offers shipping across the globe and currently provides local sales and service in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). All of Daymak’s products are powered electronically using no gas, making for a cleaner environment. The five main categories Daymak specializes in are, scooters, ebikes (pedelecs), mobility scooters, all-terrain vehicles (atvs) and e-toys.


Daymak’s target market is directed at people looking for a cleaner and cost effective form of transportation for short commutes. The average cost to charge an electric vehicle in Ontario is estimated at 20 cents and provides a range of over 50 km. By giving consumers the option of a very accessible, economic solution to travel that is good for the environment, we believe we have a target market we’ve only begun to scratch.

Revenue Model

Daymak intends to become the A to Z distribution channel for ebikes. By becoming a one entity solution, and utilizing economies of scale, we will be able to reduce the cost to the end user, which will inevitably bolster sales and fuel the service required behind them. By opening brick and mortar locations across the globe, we will be able to offer more local presence giving consumers an opportunity to try before they buy.

Investment Highlights

Capital raised in previous rounds: $2,014,944.00
Current Target raise: $150,000
Maximum current raise: $1,500,000
Minimum current raise: $150,000
Pre-money valuation: $6,790,215.60
Equity offered (target raise): 1%
Equity offered (maximum raise): 8%
Offering (unit) type: Common Shares with Voting Trust Agreement
Price per unit: $1.25


Why now?

The light electric vehicles (LEV) market is set to explode rapidly with total global sales set to reach $210 Billion USD by 2022. With returns at the average bank saving's account at a dismal 0.5% and while other investment products may return you between 4 to 10% annually. Why not invest into a Canadian Company with real sales, real technology and the potential return on investment (ROI) of up to 2000% within 3 years. Yes, there is always a risk that we could fail or that we may only realize you a potential 500% return. At least you have better potential of a real return on investment (ROI) and multiplying your money by up to 20x.

How do I get this process started?

We are a real company that has 3 building locations, 52 employees and has sold thousands of e-bikes on the road to date. For more information please call Jason Roy to setup a tour of our facilities along with the full detail explanation. You are welcomed to come and can test ride any e-bike you wish to purchase in the future, as you will get a family discount or even better yet a new shareholder discount!!). FYI… Espresso is on Aldo/Daymak!

Who is Frontfundr?

FrontFundr is a Canadian fintech company that enables entrepreneurs to raise capital from all Canadians. Investing in private companies was previously limited to angel investors and venture capitalists, but after recent regulatory changes, private investing is now open to a wider spectrum of investors. Canadians can now invest online in companies that they believe in through the FrontFundr platform alongside seasoned investors, while directly contributing to innovation and sharing in the growth of companies they believe in. FrontFundr operates its online investment platform as a fully registered Exempt Market Dealer (EMD) in eight provinces in Canada.


The financing deadline is on June 30th, 2017 and as it takes 3-5 days to complete the entire process up to the final payment. We recommend that you process your pledge ASAP, with a final payment no later than June 25, as many people tend to wait up to the last minute! Please be reminded that one investor can buy up the whole private placement any time

For more information call 1-800-649-9320. To order a product please visit a dealer near you. Click here to find a dealer. Daymak Inc. All rights reserved.