Electric Carbon 1
The Commuters Answer The EC1 is our strongest push to make commuting as convenient and affordable for all consumers. The EC1 uses a carbon fiber and aluminum alloy composite frame, combined with a 250W electric motor to allow you to travel up to 25 miles (40 km) on a single charge. With its' matte black sleek design, you can get to work in style, turning heads as you go.
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EC1 SE Built In LED Display
Transforms easily into a regular bike All versions of the EC1 comes with a spare carbon fiber rim and battery plug so that you can ride it as a regular bike. So you get 2 for 1! Shimano Gearset The Advanced / Pro / SE come with Shimano Sora Shifters and Derailluer for smoother more customized ride. Pro / SE - Go Lighter! The Pro / SE feature a Carbon Fiber Fork and Seat for to reduce the weight even more!