Speed 1 Scooter

This deluxe edition of the Speed I is even better than its basic counterpart! With a wider foot base for better balancing and LED lights around the edge of the base, the Speed I Deluxe remains an easy to operate scooter that will outshine any other. Equipped with a throttle and braking system and a 100W motor with 24v batteries, the Speed I Deluxe travels at a smooth 12km/h with a range of 6-8 kms. With the addition of lights at the base, the Speed I Deluxe will allow for both play and travel in darker environments; you or your kids will be able to ride safely knowing that the lights will make sure the rider stays visible.

Available in black, royal blue and bright red.


Parts Coming Soon

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Buy the Speed Deluxe for $149 + Shipping + Pre-Delivery-Inspection (dealer price may vary).